mass customization api for brochures, t-shirts, posters, business cards, photo products, wallpapers, shoes, sticker, surfboards and much more
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    mass customization api for brochures, t-shirts, posters, photobooks, business cards, photo products, wallpapers, shoes, sticker, surfboards and much more

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Web2Print Cloud Lab

Web2Print Cloud Lab

1 Table of Contents

2 Overview

The Delivergo® Mass Customization API allows access to web service APIs for developers to build their own print, design, or creative applications. Delivergo® enables companies to develop many different applications and software (plug-ins, apps, widgets) and integrate them into the broad Delivergo® system.

Delivergo® has an open XML API which lets you and your users add data to the system - and vice versa - and also lets you access all our public data (articles, layouts, designs, photos and much more).

3 What can companies do?

  • Build their own team room apps
  • Integrate Delivergo® with their website or management systems
  • Create custom provider search views and display these views off-site
  • Provide faster and more reliable service
  • Extend both their range of services and their clientele

4 What can contractors do?

  • Create their own work diary apps to better support their buyers
  • Integrate their Delivergo® profile into their own website or in other places where they'd like to promote their services
  • Save themselves years of programming and development by joining in now on the profitable market created by this cutting-edge technology.

You can find more general information about the JSON / XML API here.

Whether you are a private company or a contractor, you can profit greatly from the incorporation of Delivergo® Mass Customization API into your web services. There are many benefits for incorporating an API into your business, regardless of your level of expertise or what your company specialzes in. If your company has any contact with the internet, an API can better organize and connect your customers to one another - hence the phrase mass customization. Your clients can make purchases directly over the internet - everything from product pictures, descriptions, payment, and delivery information. Customers can even individually design the product of yours they wish to purchase!

How can you give your customers more freedom and options? With an integrated API, of course. Here's an example of how this works: A printing company decides to create a website and start gathering online traffic. Not only does this company expand its customer base and range, but it can now offer service on a whole new level with the help of the Delivergo® Mass Customization API. Customers can order products directly online with no hassle; they create an individual account for order tracking and processing payments.

For a more detailed explanation of the Delivergo® Mass Customization API, examples of its programming code, and elements, browse through the pages listed in the navigation bar to the left. The Delivergo® Mass Customization API is a very flexible solution for publishers, affiliates, printing companies, designers, and social networds alike.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask -

You can offer every kind of customized product such as:

businesscards, posters, broschures, photo books, photo albums, t-Shirts, wedding newspapers, baby cards, invitation cards, stickers, doorknob hangers, name cards, place cards, photo products, and post cards. You can offer individual API mass customization for blankets, cups, flyers, curtains, wallpapers, shoes, postcards, namecards, surfboards and much more.   

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